MindsEye™ Expandable Port

Supporting minimally-invasive intervention in more patients, sooner.

MindsEye, our proprietary expandable brain port, allows for increased visibility, safety and control to remove lesions deep in the brain.

Identify and manage bleeding when performing deep brain surgery.

We set out to create a new solution that could provide maximum visibility with minimal tissue disruption. Whether addressing an active bleed or avoiding a new one, MindsEye’s next-generation approach to deep brain access supports minimally-invasive intervention in more patients, sooner.

Proprietary sheath helps you see more, clearly.

Choose an unobstructed view.
The durable, compliant sheath helps you better isolate your target and supports an endoscope, exoscope or microscope.

Maximize exposure in and around target.
The adjustable working channel with distal flare lets you reach lesions deep in the brain.

Avoid visual distractions.
Anti-reflective sheath material allows you to see tissue clearly, keeping focus where it should be.

Dynamic retraction helps you do less damage.

Minimize invasiveness.
MindsEye features a low-profile, expandable design that minimizes invasiveness from insertion through extraction, helping reduce procedural risk and promoting earlier intervention.

Reach more with less.
Adjustable working channel and distal flare lets you start small and expand only when necessary.

Flexible sizing.
Available in 5.2 cm, 6.2 cm and 7.7 cm lengths.

Flexible approach helps you stay in control.

Keep your options open.
Neurosurgery is a complex endeavor. MindsEye supports real-time changes in plans and instrumentation, enabling the preferred approach throughout the procedure.

Work the way you prefer.
The compatibility of MindsEye improves the reach and visibility of preferred instrumentation, supporting even more successful procedures.

Sized to make every brain accessible.

To discuss distribution and commercialization opportunities for MindsEye Expandable Port, please contact us at 651-917-4060 or email neuro@minnetronixmedical.com.

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