DepiCT™ Neuroimaging Platform

Using AI to streamline CT segmentation.

DepiCT uses AI-based labeling of features not otherwise available via current methods for more informed decision making.



DepiCT Neuroimaging Platform is currently under development. All subsequent material represents intended use.

Better segmentation for more informed clinical decision making.

DepiCT leverages the learnings gathered from retrospective data from thousands of scans and facilitates expert annotation by clinicians and key opinion leaders across the globe to enable precise CT segmentation for complex diagnoses and analyses.

The power of DepiCT.

Format-agnostic data collection
Supports learning from varying sources

Minnetronix DepiCT Cloud
Facilitates global collaboration and sharing

Workflow-based segmentation
Allows experts to weigh in and trainees to fine tune

AI-powered algorithms
Enables labeling of features not possible with current methods

Learn how DepiCT can expand your insights.

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